Day 5 BVI


Today was a great day because we just dove all day. We had an quick breakfast up at the marina again. After the breakfast we went straight to this bay we we immediately snorkeled. We snorkeled here to get an idea of the place that we were going to replant coral at. This place was very interesting because we were replanting the coral because of the construction around the area. On the snorkel we saw a lot of feather coral. This is my favorite kind of coral be of how the they shoot in we you brush water against them. After the snorkel I got a snack to prepare for he dive that was to come. On this dive we went out to collect pieces of coral to move to places in order to grow more in new places. This was really cool to see the diseased coral and how we were saving them so that they can flourish in another area. After this snorkel we had lunch on the boat. On the boat we had sandwiches like the ones that we had at savannah bay the other day. Then we went down for our second dive, in which we actually attached the coral that we took off to other rocks. We did this by zip tying it to the rocks and putting a label on it so that we know which boat tied it and what number the coral was. Also one person in our group measured the coral so that when the diving instructors go back later, they can know how much the coral has grown. After we had tied all of the coral we started to head back. On our way back I saw a school of squid and they were beautiful. They are definitely one of the most exciting things that I have seen on the trip. It was so neat how they used their fins on each side of them to practically lied through the water. I also appreciated the squid more because of the prior knowledge I had from the dissections in class. After getting on the boat we started to head back, and upon getting back we had a lot of time to ourselves before dinner. As a result of this Jeff Melsheimer and I watched Family Feud. Next we went to Mad Dogs again for yet another great dinner. Also Jeff and I did very well at corn toss after dinner. I am looking forward to our last day tomorrow because we have the afternoon off, so we can just sit in the beach. Yet I am very bummed that I will be having to leave this great island with all of the great staff that had been here too