Day 5


I was not sure how today would turn out, but it was great just like every other day. We started the day like always, getting up and walking down to the cattle guard to wait for the taxi to pick us up. The taxi once again took us to the dock for us to get breakfast, and get out diving early in the day. At breakfast I had delicious banana bread and muffins with a caprisun. After breakfast we got on to the boat, specifically the Sea Dragon, and head out to Long Bay in order to do our diving. On the way to the bay, I was called to drive the boat, and if you ask me I was the best. I got us there without crashing. We got to the bay and anchored down. We got out our snorkeling stuff, and head out in order to scope out the area that we would be replanting coral around. We were also told to look for dying staghorn and elkhorn corals. While snorkeling I saw two huge moon jellyfish, squid, and other types of smaller fish. After snorkeling we got on the boat and got suited up while we were briefed for the first dive. We were told what types of coral to look for, and how to break them once we spotted them. We jumped into the water and descended to the deepest depth with our buddy, about thirty feet. Casey then found us, and we swam around looking for different types of coral that looked as though they were going to die. Casey found the majority, but we were each given a chance to break the coral with a weight. After finding fifteen pieces of coral we swam back under the boat, and were told that we could stay under for a little longer while Casey returned to the boat. Immediately once she headed to the surface Joe and Jeff began messing with each other by throwing sand at each other. It made quite the ruckus, and made it very difficult to see. We then returned to boat, and climbed up the ladder onto the boat where we enjoyed lunch comprised of sandwiches and munchies. After lunch we hung out for a while and just chilled on the boats. We were then briefed for the second dive while we suited up for the dive. We were taught how to attach the coral to the rocks with zip ties and how to tag them. After briefing we jumped into the water, descended, then swam to the spot we left our coral. We took the coral, zip ties, and tags to the first spot we were going to attach our first piece of coral. Casey showed us the easiest way to attach the pieces if coral. She gave each of us a chance to attach a piece of coral. During my third reattachment I managed to rub my finger against fire coral, which was the to the best feeling in the world. We continued to reattach, but we then realized that Christian’s mask had broken and he was holding it on his face. Casey surfaced to see the problem, but it was not fixable so he had to wear broken goggles for the rest of the dive. After finishing reattaching we returned to the surface and to the boats. At the surface we took off our gear and dove into the water from the back of the boats. We then returned back to the docks, and helped carry empty tanks off the boat, and full ones back onto the boat. After that we were given a chance to shop. I was able to find some cool stuff. Once everybody had finished shopping we took the taxi back to the cabins where we all showered to get ready for dinner at Mad Dogs where we were treated with wraps ANC macaroni and cheese. After dinner we played corn hole. The dynamic duo were once again surprised by the competition, but nearly completed a comeback when losing 10-0, and only playing to 11. If I do say so myself, the loss was not my fault. I sunk a clutch shot in order to keep the game tied at 10, then Tucker missed the few last shots, and blew the game for us. I would like to thank the Dive BVI crew for a great week of diving and for all the effort they put in for us to have a great time. I really appreciated this, and I had a great time diving, but the trip is not over yet.

1) driving the boat. Photocred: Dr. Gruninger
2) replanting with my group. Photocred: Dr. Gruninger
3) getting ready for a dive. Photocred: Mr. Kirby