Day 4 on Virgin Gorda


What a fantastic day in Virgin Gorda. For the first time this trip I woke to the soothing yet exciting, world renowned Spanish speaker, and the most fantastic basketball coach on the trip, Señor Nevitt. Today was a day packed full of water. There was never a period of 2 hours that we were not wet in some way. We began our day with some great muffins from Casey. Then we rode out to the RMS Rhone. After a short stop for engine problems, we were back on the boat listening to Laura and her British accent describe how the Rhone sank. She described the storm it was caught in and how the passengers were either locked in their rooms or strapped to their beds so that the crew could maneuver about the boat without trouble. This of course meant that no one was able to escape besides one Italian man. We dove down to about 80 feet and did a swim through of the ship. We got to rub the lucky porthole from the room that the Italian man was eventually survive. After we had ascended and got back on to the boat, we finally got to know what big waves were. With 4-5 foot swells the boat was constantly rocking. We sailed to Cooper Island where we sat down to a delicious lunch of fish and chips. I hate fish and I still loved it. The restraunt was literally on the beach. After lunch we got a tour of the island and a talk from the general manager of the Cooper Island Hotel about what they are doing to help the environment. It’s a lot! Then we enjoyed some scuba diving where I got to chase off 6 barracudas. Our ride back was pretty much a roller coaster with all the huge waves. Once there we hopped in the shower and got ready for dinner. We had to wait for a little because all of our counselors were catching some much deserved ZZZ’s. Dinner consisted of fantastic lasagna and mac and cheese. finally Casey taught us about what type of coral we are planting, how we are planting it, and where to plant it. Today was a fantastic day and I’m looking forward to tomorrow!

Props to the one and only Dr. Gruninger for a great picture below.