Day 4


Day 4:
Day four began with yet another early morning but we were greeted with a nice drizzle while we were waiting for our taxi. Once everyone was loaded up ion the taxi we headed to the docks, instead of the olde yard, for a little breakfast. After the breakfast we loaded up the boats and headed for the ship wreck “The Rhone”. Once at the Rhone, Laura gave us a brief history of the wreck and it’s layout on the ocean floor. We then suited up, got into the water, and began our descent. Once on the bottom we began our exploration. Laura pointed out many different parts of the ship and different marine life around. I was able to swim in and around the boat, which was pretty awesome. After our ascent we got back onto the boat and took a little break before getting back into the water. While on the boat we changed our location to the stern of the wreck wreck. We then suited up and got back into the water. We then descended to the wreck and did some more exploring. We swam through different parts and rubbed the 26th porthole. The 26th porthole is considered lucky because the man in that room was the only passenger to escape the wreck alive. Shortly after rubbing the porthole, we had to fight the current to get back onto the boat but in time everyone safely got aboard. Once on the ship we headed to cooper island for a lunch of phenomenal fish and chips. After the lunch everyone gathered up and the general manager of the hotel on cooper island gave us a tour of the place and there many techniques in being eco friendly. After the tour, everyone got back onto the boats and we went a little ways, opt our snorkeling gear on, and went snorkeling. I saw starfish(sea star…), squid, hawksbill turtle, southern stingray, and a group of barracudas. After snorkeling we packed up the boat and headed back to virgin gorda. The ride was pretty bumpy which served as a source of adrenaline for most of the kids. Once we arrived at the docks, we helped out a little in clearing the boats and went back to our cabins to get showered up. After my shower I took a brief nap then headed out to meet up with the group and head to mad dogs. At mad dogs we had a delicious Italian dinner and after dinner guy and I got out the corn hole game parts set up and proceeded to play. Our reign was cut short by a bitter loss to another group. It is still a sore spot. After the games ended Casey talked to us Bout coral and what we were going to be doing tomorrow when we are planting them. After her talk everyone said there goodbyes and we headed back to our cabins to blog. In all day 4 was absolutely amazing.

Pic 1: Photo cred. Doc Gruninger
Pic 2: photo cred. Alex Curry