Fish Identification and Night Snorkeling


Today I felt the full effect of being overly enthused for a continuous 96 hour period of time. Luckily the amount of excitement I have overpowered my desire to fall down and take a nap.

We started off the day at the Olde Yard resort with a breakfast of eggs, bacon, fruit, and coffee. Laura then gave a PowerPoint presentation over fish identification. This included all the types of fish and invertebrates that we might see in the BVI.

We then set out for savannah bay where we snorkeled a reef and had lunch on the beach. Luke and I went for another snorkel where we saw a fireworm and a filefish. We then returned to the beach and moved on.

We went to the dive BVI harbor and prepared to set out for dog island; one of Jacque cousteau’s favorite diving spots, the chimney, is here. I was buddies with tucker reed. The chimney is a vibrat and beautiful dive site, but what makes it so special is a tunnel with a canyon at the end, filled with echinoderms and cnidarians as well as fish off the wazoo. I’ll add more detail and pictures tonight when Im not so tired.

We then returned to the shore for mass at the church on top of the hill.

After changing back into our swimsuits, we headed to the guava berry beach for a cookout and night snorkeling. I had my burger after a few quick throws of the frisbee and a wrestling match with Casey’s old English bulldog, Dixie. After dinner, Casey distributed wetsuits and flashlights, which we then took with us out in the water for some night snorkeling. Two notable sightings included tarpon and a n octopus.

After returning to shore, we cleaned up and had our hour of Internet. I personally went right to bed. I am tired but happy to be here!