Day 3


Day 3:
Day three began with the usual early morning but everyone made it on time today. We loaded up the taxi and went to the olde yard for a good breakfast. After breakfast, Laura taught us all about different marine life and what to look for when we were diving. After her lecture everyone got back into the taxi and we went to savannah beach. At savannah beach we did some snorkeling and saw a ton of different marine life and because of the the lecture, I was able to identify most of the marine life. When I returned to the beach from snorkeling, I waited for the rest of my classmates but then we all huddled around a clear plastic container that contain different sea life that was recently picked up by the dive guides when they were out snorkeling. Casey talked about each of the recent findings and let us touch and hold them. In the container there were three different types of sea urchins, a lettuce worm, an arrow crab, and a moon jelly fish. After we were done looking at the creature a group of students and I went back down to the beach where we played some pretty intense games of frisbee. After frisbee we ate lunch, played a little more frisbee, packed up and left. After savannah each we headed to the docks and boarded the boats. We took the boats to a place known as the chimney where we suited up for a scuba dive. After we were in the water, my instructor for this dive was Jeff. He showed us around and the coolest part was when we took us through a little tunnel which is known as “the chimney”. Shortly after the chimney we ascended back to the boat. Once on the boat we packed our stuff back up and we headed back to the docks. When we got back to the docks we got into the taxi, went back to the cabins, showered up, got back in the taxi and headed to mass. The mass was pretty quick but more meaningful because it required a broad participation. After the mass we took a quick group photo and then went back to our cabins got changed and went to the beach for dinner. We had a beach barbecue and the food was quite good. After everyone was done eating several of the students, including myself volunteered to go on the night snorkeling adventure. During the night snorkeling we saw an octopus which made my night. When we were done snorkeling we picked up the beach and walked back to our cabins to do our blogs. Overall day 3 was absolutely amazing and to end things with a bang I saw an octopus.

Pic 1: Photo cred. Guy
Pic 2: photo cred. Mr. Kirby
Pic 3: photo cred. Guy