Day 3 BVI


Today was a very exciting day because we were able to snorkel in savannah bay inn the morning. After eating breakfast in the morning we snorkeled across these reefs that were amazing. The reefs were very very shallow in parts so you were able to get a close look at things. My favorite fish that I saw in these reefs was the fairy basslets because of the great purple and yellow blend that they have on there bodies. After snorkeling we ate lunch on the beach. This was great because I was able to enjoy this bay encased by hills of green while enjoying my lunch. Then we went to the great dog island were we dived. At this island there is a dive site called the chimney. This has been my favorite dive so far because you have walls of rock and coral on each side of you so therefore you are forced to exit through this narrow passage way. Also at this site I loved seeing the feather coral, and slightly brushing water against it so it shoots back into the rock. This fascinated me because if how elusive the coral was, with also it’s nice white colors. After this we went to mass. The church was one of the most beautiful churches that I have been to because of the location. The church was on top of the hill and we had this wonderful mass as the sun was going down. After mass we went down to the beach to have dinner and we had burgers that Jeff made. After eating dinner I then went on a night dive. On the nigh dive the most interesting thing that I saw was an octopus. It was cool how it was clinging into the rocks. I also saw tarpon which were very creepy because they were so big and they would creep around you. Tomorrow we are going to dive by this ship wreck and I am looking forward to it and the rest of the trip.