Day 2 on Virgin Gorda


Last night wasn’t as fulfilling as the night before but I still woke up rested and refreshed. The soothing morning cracks on the door from Doc and Mr. Kirby begin the day with a bang. After some delicious breakfast we were taught by Casey how to breathe deeper and hold our breaths longer so that we could free dive later in the day. Once we finished, a turtle expert joined us and taught us all about the turtles we would be hoping to catch later in the day. Once Joel finished with his presentation, we took a taxi ride to the dock. Our driver Glen knows almost every person on the island so the ride is littered with honks to and fro. We took Sea Dragon out to Little Dick’s Bay. Once there we got into groups of four and snorkeled all around the bay. Buck Lyon, Jeff Melsheimer, Joe Wengierski and I saw two sting rays, a ton of fish, and one giant sea turtle. It was probably half the length of me. Once we finished our snorkeling we headed to some lunch at the dock. The burgers were tremendous and the drinks, phenomenal. From there we left to go to the Bath’s named for slaves traveling from Africa, taking baths there to wash up. We walked through a cathedral like formation of boulders that is famous around the islanders and the Caribbean. After a 20 minute walk through the caves we found ourselves in the bay. This bay was scattered with jellyfish. However, the men of Jesuit posses no fear. The men of Jesuit possess bravery, courage, discipline, dashing good looks, great muscle tone, a strong mind, a great faith, and will power, as well as great looks. I have yet to know how but our British dive instructor, Laura, spotted the tiniest of moray eels on the end of a coral reef on the end of a boulder. After swallowing what felt like a tiny sea of sea water, our snorkeling session was over. We walked back to the cabins, got cleaned up and went to a fantastic Mexican dinner. They say ‘don’t eat Mexican food far from Mexico,’ but after another fantastic meal and dessert, we enjoyed another session of corn hole. after watching projects we all headed out and got back to the cabins to go to bed.