Day 2 BVI


Today was a very interesting day, yet I had so much fun. We went turtle tagging in the morning after we had eaten breakfast. The lecture before was also very good, because it made me consider the value that the turtle cause to the ocean. While going turtle tagging we got a small turtle which we named Squirtle. Also we saw a big turtle but it got away after the turtle instructor guy had not grasped the front edge of his shell firmly. The whole tagging process was very neat. I never put thought into how turtles migrate and how the knowledge of their migrations are prominent. A couple of fellow students tagged the turtle with metal clips, and then one of the fishery men injected a tracking micro chip into it. After eating lunch on the beachside, we went to The Baths. The Baths are pretty much just a bunch of rocks piled up along the shore. Although this sounds so unattractive, the way that the volcanic acid shapes the rocks forms such a beautiful sight. They were called the baths because slaves used to be taken their to wash up. After walking though the baths we took a nice free dive (snorkel). This was dive was very enthusing because of the huge rocks that had coral formed around it from years of aging. There also were jellyfish in this dive. I never knew that something so small could make me so scared, but after being stung I got used to it and just simply avoided it. For dinner we went to Mad Dog’s again and again it was a great dinner. I played a lot of corn toss that the owner had set up in the backyard of the place. Today was a long day, but I definitely would say it was one of the best. Tonight will be an easy night to fall asleep considering all of the work we did today.