Day 2


Day 2:
Today started off with another early morning that proved to be too early for some people. Many people showed up late to the usual morning meeting spot. Whenever everyone was there we loaded up the taxi and headed to the olde yard where we met up with our dive guides and had a good breakfast. After breakfast Casey helped us with our breath control and taught us ways to hold our breath longer then we were able to before. She had a couple of unlucky volunteers hold there heads in ice cold water to demonstrate how ones heartbeat falls when submerged in water. After that Joel came and talked to us about turtles and the many things that goes into tagging and measuring. After his lecture on turtles we suited up in our snorkeling gear and went out to little Dix bay and tried catching turtles. When we were looking for turtles we saw a barracuda and a stingray. Finally when we were able to catch a turtle we brought it up onto the boat. Once on the boat we measured and tagged it. After the tagging we released it into the water and it immediately swam away unharmed.
We then loaded up the boat again and headed back to the docks where we had lunch(I had the volcano burger). After lunch we got in the taxi, took a quick break at our cabins then headed to the baths. At the baths we hiked in and around the rocks and went into the water. While snorkeling I saw so many amazing fish and other sea life. Unfortunately I had an unlucky encounter with a jelly fish and was left with a sting on my left arm. Despite the jellyfishes best efforts, it was unable to ruin my day and I remained snorkeling. After snorkeling we went back to our cabins and got washed up for dinner. We then congregated at our usual spot and head back to mad dogs for dinner where we had quesadillas and nachos. After eating, Guy and I resumed beating everyone in corn hole. Just like the night before we retired on top and went to claim our coke floats. We ate them while watching more of the student videos. After the videos we said our goodbyes to Jeff, Casey, Laura, Brian, and Inga, and headed back to our cabins to blog. Overall day 2 was a phenomenal day.

Pic 1: photo cred. Guy Harris
Pic 2: photo cred. Mr. Kirby
Pic 3: photo cred. Doc. Gruninger