Day 1


Day 1:
Today started with an early morning, and a little orientation from the owner of guava berry. After the brief orientation we went to breakfast where we met our dive guides, Laura, Casey, Jeff, and Brian. We were given guidelines and rules for diving and for on the boat. We were split up into to groups for each boat, the sea monkey(the better), and the sea dragon. I was put onto the sea monkey with Laura and Jeff as our dive guides. After a good lunch we loaded up the boat and went to the spot where we went diving. Dylan and I were dive partners and our dive guide was Laura. She took us all over the ocean floor pointing out some pretty amazing fish. When we all got back on the boat, we headed back to the docks where Jeff dissected three lion fish that Casey caught with her spear gun. Everyone watched as Jeff cut into the fish and looked in there stomachs to find out what they had eaten earlier that day. After the dissection we all went back to our cabins, where we showered and got ready to go to dinner at mad dogs. At mad dogs we had pizza, played games, and watched the videos we, the students, made. Guy was my partner in a game called corn hole. Being the dynamic duo that we are, we won every game thrown at us and retired as champions, claiming our grand prize, a delicious coke float. While enjoying my coke float everyone huddled around the projector and watched two of the videos the students made. My groups video went first and I hate to toot my own horn but we nailed it. After watching the videos we said our goodbyes to the instructors and Inga, mad dogs’ owner, and headed back to the cabin to do our blogs and go to sleep. After this long but exciting day I am left worn out and ready to sleep. Overall day 1 was a phenomenal day and a great way to start off this trip.

Pic 1- photo cred. Doc. Gruninger
Pic 2- photo cred. Mr. Kirby
Pic 3- photo cred. Mr. Kirby