Day 0: getting there


Made it safely to guavaberry resort last night at around 11:45. Long day of travel, here’s a play by play:

DFW: All nineteen of us made it to meet Coach Nevitt on time. Security was actually fairly uneventful, save for something I never foresaw. Out if the countless times that it has made it, this is the one time that my pocket knife didn’t make it through security. I handed it to someone’s mother out behind security, so I’ll just have to hope I get it back!
Once we all made it to our terminal, we were able to go eat. Most of us hit up the McDonalds. I started my day with an angus mushroom and swiss.

Plane 1: everyone made it on the plane. Some of the guys switched seats around, I ended up next to a man traveling to puerto Rico to visit a factory owned by his company and Luke Curran. The trip was mostly uneventful, save for a “medical emergency”, which fulfilled this one doctor’s dream of being the guy who gets asked for on an airplane. Luckily nobody was seriously injured or sick.

Puerto Rico: nothing much really happened here except for waiting. Plane was delayed about forty minutes, but at least we made it onto the plane. This was my first time flying in a propellor airplane, and it looks a lot cooler from the outside.

Plane 2: only one carry-on allowed on the propeller plane. Everyone got on, and we thought that the plan would be mostly unoccupied. But then right before we get to taking off, a bevy of what some would British people; however, they seemed more easily classified as “loud hipsters”. No doubt they were fun crowd; right after takeoff they immediately commenced singing the popular 70’s hit “You Sexy Thing (I Believe in Miracles)” by Hot Chocolate. After this died down, I turned around and asked the girl behind me what their deal was.

“So, what group are y’all?”

“mind the gap fish n’ chips!”

“oh… What’s that?”

“bloody hell keep calm and carry on”



Not really. She said “I’m with group vega…. Oh that doesn’t mean anything to you.” I asked if they were a sort of camp, and they were. It’s called “action quest”, wasn’t really sure on what it was beyond a group of Europeans diving.

We finally landed on beefy island, went through customs, made it out to meet Doc and Kirbs. Went to the docks out back ands got onto the boat. Jeff and Casey (the people in charge of Dive BVI) were there to meet us with the boat. We drove across the bay to virgin gorda, where we then unloaded onto a truck. We drove to the cabins, unloaded our bags, and were split into our groups. I’m rooming with Tucker Reed, Guy Harris, Killian Womack, and Jeff Melsheimer. Chill crowd, chill room. We had been led to expect an “Italian feast” upon arrival. Luckily our house wasn’t too whiny about the chef boyardee, corn chips, Gatorade, and cookies. The rooms aren’t air conditioned and it’s a tad hot. Oh well. Very excited for a great trip!