Day 1 in BVI


Today was a very exciting day. We had orientation in the morning which was very hard to wake up to considering that we got to our rooms so late because of the flight. The dive was amazing because I was able to see all sorts of fish. The most interesting part that I experienced was the lion fish. The lion fish are such a beautiful fish, yet they are an invasive species. It was so neat to watch the instructor spear fish the lion fish and then dissect it when we returned to the dock. The room I am staying in is very nice, and my roommates are Joe Wengierski and Christian Koeijmans. The view from the room during the daytime is fantastic. Also the view at night is great because of all of the stars. Chris Wengierski (my perfect dive buddy) is my dive buddy and we experience all of the dives together, with the divers Casey, Jeff, Laura and Brian. Also there are the teachers that accompany us on the dives. The dinner after the afternoon dive today was really nice because we ate outdoors at this little restaurant, Mad Dogs, and I had a brownie sundae. I am looking forward to turtle tagging tomorrow with my diving buddy Chris.