Last Day


On the last day at the BVI, I woke up from Doc’s voice coming from the porch. After taking a hot shower, I walked down to the wait area once again to wait for Glen, who the is the truck driver. When the truck drop us off at Olde Yard, we ate breakfast. The breakfast consisted of muffins, banana bread and toast. While we ate our food, we watch a movie about free diving. The movie was about how this guys could dive really far down with only one breath. During the middle of the movie, the turtle tagging people showed up to show us what we were going to do today. They also brought student from a school in Tortola. During the lecture on turtle tagging, I learned that one way you capture the turtle is to grab the front and back part of the shell and lift it above the water. After the lecture, we got on a different type of boat named Sea Loin to meet up with the turtle tagging guys. When we got to the bay they men told us to get into groups of 4 and look for turtles. Will Farrell stopped a turtle in the distance as we were looking for the turtles. We chased the turtle around for about 20 minutes, until Will almost captured it but let it go causing it to swim out of our eye site. After the adventure, we watch the turtle tagging people tag and measure a huge green tail turtle. Going back to Olde Yard after the turtle tagging project, we swam in the pool and ate lunch. When lunch ended, we went back to the huts and got ready for the banquet. Arriving at the banquet, we walked to the dock and took a group picture. Then we sat down and ate ribs, bread, fish, and chicken. After we finished eating, we watched videos on the trip and told everyone what the best part of the trip was. My best part of the trip was the Wreck dive, Savannah Bay, and when Brian pointed out fish when we were scuba diving. This trip could of not been any better. Thank you Instructors for the fun times.