Day 0- the Night before the Day of


It’s almost finally here.

13 hours before I need to be at the airport.

Luckily I got off of work early today… Why? Favoritism? Who knows. But it allowed me to take a nap and prepare myself for what could potentially be a life changing week. As far as I know, this could be the experience that sets me down the path of marine biology- wherever that leads. It does make sense- it’s very hard to keep me away from the life aquatic, is it not? Let’s make a checklist:

1. I’ve had like nine fish tanks
2. Scuba diving is one of my favorite hobbies
3. I’ve swum my whole life
4. I even dive for jesuit- they call me the “aquatic juggernaut”
5. I’m a lifeguard
6. Totally licensed to drive boats I think. The BSA wasn’t too clear on that. Fly like an eagle, swim like a shark.

even my dogs are practically ichthyoids

That’s about as aquatic as life can be this far inland.

Anyways, I woke up, I decided to start packing.

cry tough? More like cry DUFF.

I certainly had a wonderful time debating the necessity of a hat in the BVI. Just watch. They can make me take a hat, but they can’t make me wear it. Regardless, I am very prepared for my trip. Only thing left to do now is be as American as possible before I have to leave for… Not America.

Mission Accomplished.