Last Day in the BVI


Today was bitter-sweet. We get to go back home and relax, but we have to go back home… I couldn’t have asked for a better trip with better people. The whole week was absolutely fantastic. Today, we woke up and had breakfast at the Olde Yard. We were waiting for a government official from Tortola to come over and talk to us about turtle tagging. The ensuing presentation was all about how to tag turtles, why they tag turtles, and turtles in general. After the presentation, we went out on the boats to Little Dix Bay to tag turtles. We went in groups of four. Unfortunately, none of the Jesuit students were able to capture the elusive sea turtles. However, the government official and his students from Tortola caught one huge green sea turtle. It had to have been 2 and a half feet long. According to our guide, it was about 25 years old. The guide brought the turtle in the boat, measured it, and tagged it with two ID tags and one microchip injection. There are about 6-7 measurements you have to do for a green sea turtle. After tagging it, it was released back into the water. Then, we headed back over to Olde Yard for lunch. After lunch, Jeff took us outside to the pool and taught us how to hold our breath for free diving. I got to 1 minute 50 seconds and the winner was at 2:24. Then, we headed back to our cabins to shower and get ready for our final banquet. We all took pictures at the banquet and many tears were shed. After dinner, it became emotional for both our instructors and the students. We had grown a bond with each other during our week at the BVI. There were speeches and a huge picture presentation put together by both Laura and Casey. We all received our own copy. It was time for our final goodbyes which was hard for everyone. No one wanted to leave! I can say for sure that I will be back to Virgin Gorda sometime again (hopefully next year). Then, we packed our cabins and slept for the 4:15 wake up call in the morning. I absolutely believe this was the best week of my life. It couldn’t have been any more fun and I will miss it so, so much. Jeff, Casey, Laura, and Brian were all so kind and welcoming and there is no one better for the job than them. The only thing left to say is: monkey rules!