Service project


Day 5 was a great day. It started when I woke up and went down the path to eat breakfast, which consisted of banana bread again. After breakfast, we walked down to the school for the service project. For the service project we paint a 50 yard wall and planted trees for the voices, who were a service group in the BVI. When we finally finished the service project, I was covered in paint and dirt. After the service project, we went to lunch at Mad Dogs.  At Mad Dogs I had a bacon and turkey sandwich. Then the group of us went to the baths, which was formed by volcanic gas eroded the rocks. A cool fact about the baths is that the save owner would bring their saves to the baths to clean up so when they sold them they would be more money. When we got to the beach at the end of the baths, we snorkeled back to the beach behind the huts where we stayed. While snorkeling I saw many a parrot fish, rays, and many other species of fish. When we got to the beach, the BVI instructors cooked hamburgers and hotdogs for us. After we finished eating, we went snorkeling at night. It was really cool. I saw many animals that I would not see in the day time, such as tarpon and a octopus.