BVI – Day Five


All I can say about today is, wow. We woke up this morning to breakfast from our dive instructor Casey just outside our cabins. Then, we headed down the street a little over half a mile. There, we came across a massive wall that we had passed many times, with a couple people waiting for us with paint buckets and brushes. As a group, we had to put the primer over the 7 foot by 50 yard wall, and then put the white paint over it to finish. While I was painting, others were filling 5 foot by 5 foot concrete blocks with soil, preparing for the palm trees to be planted later. It was a great experience. We all pitched in and finished the whole wall in less than 2 hours. It was also cool because the Virgin Gorda cricket semifinals were taking place in the field adjacent to us. We then headed down to Mad Dog’s for lunch off the menu and a little relaxing time. After a filling turkey club sandwich, we had over 2 hours of downtime to ourselves. About six of us headed up to my cabin to just talk for a while before we headed to the baths. The baths was an amazing, amazing place. The rocks formed caves and back in the days of slavery, guards would “lock” their slaves in there to clean up before being sold. It was a tight squeeze in between the rocks, because these were no ordinary rocks. These rocks were absolutely huge, and they are placed ona volcanic area. The views were absolutely amazing, and it was a great adventure. Next, we actually just put on our snorkels and fins, put our bag on our backs, and snorkeled all the ways back to where we are staying. That was also a great time. We got to sea a good sized hawksbill sea turtle. The real fun came in the evening though. We all had fun on the beach and in the water while Jeff barbecued for us on the beach. An hour and a half later, while the sun was setting over the water, we all sat and had dinner on the beach. It became dark soon and we all sat on the beach just staring at the stars and looking out in the water. Then, Mr. Kirby asked us, “Who wants to go night snorkeling?” We all through back on our gear, grabbed a flashlight, and snorkeled out into the water with a million stars looking down us. We got a chance to see some animals that we had no chance to see in the day time like a couple of giant stingrays, an octopus, a massive lobster, and a giant tarpon which I swear looked just like a shark. I was a little paranoid getting in the water at first for fear of the unknown, but two minutes into it and I was fine. After about a 30 minute snorkel, we all walked onto the beach in our gear, in the pitch black, looking like Navy Seals. Now, after a very nice shower, I’m ready to rest my eyes and prepare for our last day in Virgin Gorda.