Making a coral reef


Today was a great day. The day started when I woke and walked down to the place where we wait for the truck. After about a couple of minutes the truck came to pick us up and take us to harbor. When we got to the harbor, we ate breakfast, which was eggs, banana beard, and fruit juice. Then we went down to boat and got our gear set up. When our group finished getting set up, Brain drove the boat to the bay that we were going scuba at. Today we were collecting coral and starting a new coral reef. On the first dive, we collected the coral. We would collect the coral by breaking parts of the coral and putting it in a bag. We collected 12 stag horn and 6 elk horn. After the dive, we had lunch on the boat. I had a sandwich and chips. When lunch was over we jumped back into the water for the second dive. On this dive we planted the coral to form a new coral reef named the Jesuit coral reef. Then we went back to the dock to wait for the truck to take us back to the huts. When we got back I took a shower and dressed up for mass. An Asian priest said mass for us. After the mass ended, we went to Mad Dogs to eat dinner. During dinner Jeff, the main instructor guy, told me that he went to SFA and majored in forestry. He also got certified at SFA.