Ship Dive


On the 3rd day, I woke up, got dressed and went down to the place where we waited for the truck to pick us up. The truck came after about 5 minutes. The truck took us to the harbor where we ate breakfast, which consisted of muffins, banana bread, fruit, and eggs. After breakfast, we hopped on the boat and set up our gear. When we were finished setting up the gear, the boat took us to the ship wreck near Salt Island. While the boat was taking us to the wreck, Casey told us how the RMS Rhone sunk because of a hurricane, which pushed the ship into a rock causing the cold sea water to hit the boiler causing the ship to explode. On the first dive of the ship, Brain, our dive instructor took us through first class cabin, the bow, and port side. When we first started swimming through the first class cabin it started out really dark, but then got lighter. We saw a giant crab in the first class cabin. After the first dive ended we had too wait about a hour because of the surface interval. Then we put our gear on the second tank and jumped in the water for the second part of the wreck dive. During the second dive, we went to the stern, the lucky number 26, the disco room, and more parts of the wreck. The story about the lucky number 26 is that a passenger escaped the wreck by going through cabin number 26. We also saw parrot fish, a grouper that came about 6 inches from my face, and a grey angel fish. After the second dive ended, we went to Cooper Island. At Cooper Island, we ate fish and chips for lunch and the owner of the island showed us all the Eco friendly the island was. We also went snorkeling at the island. While I was snorkeling I saw a Barracuda, eagle rays, a lot of fire coral, and many of different types of fish. After we finished snorkeling, the boats took us back to the dock, where the truck drove us back to our huts. When we got back to my hut, I took a shower and walked back down to the waiting area to wait for the truck to take us to dinner. We ate at Bath and Turtle.