Day 4 in BVI 3rd Dive


Today we got to sleep in quite a bit earlier than the previous days here in the Virgin Gorda. I got up and made tea for myself and my cabin mates: Joe Payne and Matt Mills. But after our late rise it was right to the marina where we ate our pineapple and were immediately on the move to the Rhone. The Rhone is a Steamboat that sunk on October 29th, 1867 due to a hurricane off the coast of Salt Island. At the command of Captain Wooley the passengers were actually strapped to their beds in the second and third class cabins and the first class were locked in their rooms with tea and biscuits. However we were able to go to the remains of this once great British ship and all the natural wonders that it has to offer. The Rhone was made into a national scuba park that lies 75ft below sea level. This was one of the most amazing dives because the group and I were able to swim through the bow of the ship where many crabs and coral were located. After swimming around for a while with Jeff McNutt our awesome scuba instructor we began surfacing right next to a barracuda. We were only a few feet away from it before it darted away after a group of fish. We then ventured to Cooper Island were the manager of the resort there gave us a tour explaining how he has been switching all his energy and supplies into a “green” energy source with all biodegradable material. Right off the coast of cooper bay the crew of Sea Monkey and Sea Dragon we went snorkeling, we immediately saw groups of barracuda, schooling squirrel fish, and ballyhoo. Casey McNutt went to ward off any invasive lion fish with her speargun but sadly she was not able to spot any hounding under any rocks. However some people in our group were able to see a line of juvenile squid off of the coast. At the end of the day we all headed back to the marina and ate a wonderful dinner on the dock. I have to say that this was a very worthwhile experience