Day 3 in BVI 2nd Dive


Today was our second dive and we went to Savannah Bay for snorkeling to start us off. There we saw many of the different types of fish and coral that we discussed earlier in class. Among these being being fire coral, fireworks, sea eggs, lettuce slugs, rock urchins, sea urchins, and many more. To top-off the day we went to The Chimney to scuba dive with our group: Team Sea Monkey and Mr. and Mrs. Kirby. This was by far the most beautiful and the best dive that I have ever been on. It wasn’t as deep as the dive we went on yesterday but as soon as we went down we saw large schools of fish as well as many groups of coral. This coral was much more abundant and much bigger than the coral that we saw at the reefs while snorkeling and scubaing the previous day, especially the sea fans and the gorgonians. Many of the fish hid under the coral and search brain coral but some fish had no problem swimming up next to you, mostly the yellow tail snapper which would get right up in your face.
The best part about the dive and the trip so far though was when Jeff (the man with the spearfish) led us deep in a crevice that covered us on all sides. This crevice was beautiful because it had hundreds of different colored sea sponges and rocks. After only a few moments we saw a Hawksbill Turtle swimming towards us. But only until Jeff scared it off. I am happy to say at the end of the day I have noticed a mean tan developing, cheers.