2nd day at BVI


On the 2nd day at BVI, I woke up and took a shower like I did on the first full day. After the shower the truck pick us up and took us to olde yard. At olde yard, we ate breakfast which consisted of banana bread and fruit. After breakfast was over, Laura taught us about the fish we might see when we are scuba diving and snorkeling. I learned that more people die of coconuts hitting them than shark attacks. When the class finished, the truck pick all of us up and took us to a Savannah Bay, where we snorkeled. During the time I was snorkeling, I saw a sea turtle, coral, and many fish. After snorkeling the truck pick us up once again and took us to the harbor. At the harbor, we got on a boat, which took us to the Dog Islands. At the Dog Islands we scuba dived. While I was scuba diving with Brain, one of my instructors, I saw many different species of fish and coral. The best animal I saw was the Caribbean Lobster. It was huge.