The first dive



Today I had to wake up at 6: 30. After waiting for Jack, who is my roommate, got finished showering , I hop in and took a shower. Then my friends and I walked down to the waiting area to wait for the truck to take us to the Dive BVI. At the BVI, we ate breakfast and learned about what we were going to do every day of the trip and how we are playing to rebuild coral reefs. One of the ways to rebuild coral is putting the remaining live part of the coral on a puck. A puck is a cement cylinder that you place broken or parts of coral that are a live so that it can grow. After the lecture was over they fed us lunch. When lunch finished, the instructors showed us pictures of artificial reefs. After the class the tuck pick us up and took us to the harbor where we went scuba diving. During the scuba diving adventure, I saw a southern ray, spotted eel, and a lot of fish and coral.