Day 2 In BVI 1st Dive


We had our first dive today in the BVI. Our group saw life immediately after decent.two lobsters were spotted by our instructors Jeff and Laura to me and my partner Matt Mills. After about five or six minutes we sphere already spotting groupers which are endangered in these areas. Jeff speared two lionfish during our dive with his speargun. With one of the two lionfish Jeff shot he used his knife to cut open the head and get the scent in the water. He placed it in an opening and an eel started feeding on it immediately. We also many feather duster worms which look like lionfhish until you try and touch them, then they shoot back into their tubes. There were also many squirrelfish hiding in crevices along the bottom of the ocean floor. It was a very beautiful and worthwhile dive. A great start to hopefully many more dives.