Article’s for Day 3


Group C’s ecotourism article really made me think about the negatives of ecotourism like never before. It brought issues to my attention such as how tourists are not as careful as they should be and how they could really cause damage to the areas they are touring. Group D’s article, taught me about how damaging a species moving from one location to another in the ocean can have such a bad affect on the ecosystem in their new home. This invasive species can upset food chains and put tension on other fish and their prey. Group E’s article discussed how chronic oil spills can be worse for the environment than bigger oil spills such as the BP oil spill. The BP oil spill got more attention but ultimately the chronic oil spills may cause more harm to the oceans environment. In Group F’s article, the debate between artificial reefs and natural reefs was discussed. They taught us how artificial reefs can be a good alternate to natural reefs because of how easy they are to make.