Articles C, D, E, F


For the first article I feel ecotourism has hurt the marine environments and the creatures that inhabit them more than benefited them. We as human don’t realize the harm we can cause when investigating various ecosystems like coral reefs damaging the coral themselves leaving their inhabitants homeless.

For the second article I completely agree that these foreign creatures can disrupt native habitats. This article made me think of the zebra muscle infestation in Texas lakes and these muscles were brought by the harmful shipping boats.

The third article made me hopeful for the restoration of damaged reefs. I was at first skeptical about the tires I felt the rubber would contribute as a pollute but I believe it is a great idea.

When reading article F I thought of all the recent mass oil spills and thought of the damages and pollution that has set us back on our “green” track. These bird are a small few compared to the mass amounts of fish and coral harmed by the pollutions from factories and oil companies.