Interesting Articles


Article C: Ecotourism positively affects awareness and attitudes but not conservation behaviours: a case study at Grande Riviere, Trinidad
Ecotourism can have negative effects, exploiting a culture for commercial gain. This leaves people wondering, should the government or should the ecotourism firms bear the responsibility of maintaining focus on the environment, and not a people’s culture.

Article D: Marine invasive alien species: a threat to global biodiversity
There are several factors that lead to invasive alien species including hull fouling mad ballast water. A management system is required that assesses risk factors of invasive species in relation to the cost of eliminating these invasive species.

Article E: A Comparison of Fish Populations on an Artificial and Natural Reef in the Florida Keys
In September of 1979 an article was published that reviewed an experiment that looked at the numbers of fish in and around an artificial reef made of tires and cement and a natural reef. The data showed that the artificial reef had more species of fish than the natural reef and in addition did not steal any fish away from the natural reef.

Article F: Assessing Seabird Mortality from Chronic Oil Discharges at Sea
Chronic oil spills not only affect the marine life, but also humans by washing ashore and destroying jobs that rely on the ocean. The study was conducted in Newfoundland because it has been subjected to some of the highest rates of chronic oil spills and looked at what these repetitive chronic spills have done to two specific species of seabirds.