GroupC-F Analyzed


Group C had an article about ecotourism and how it is affecting areas and the well being of the local people. This article goes into detail about how people may become aware of the need of conservation in these areas but still enjoy the aspects if ignoring the conservation behaviors.

Group D had an article concerning how invasive species affect our environment and how the world is responding. All in all, this article shows how this is a global issue and invasive species are affecting the natural environment, driving out native species.

Group E had an article that was about how natural reefs are a necessity for marine life, but because of the harm done to them, the artificial reefs are introduced. Because natural reefs take so long to form, it is a much simpler solution to plant artificial reefs that would keep the same biodiversity.

Group F had an article that address how these seabirds are a good indicator of how the oil spills are occurring. This article also stresses that these chronic oil spills are happening daily and are just becoming a larger issue as time continues.