Final Day- CT


today I awoke in slightly better condition. Still had an earache, but it was tolerable. The group got in the taxi and then headed down to the harbor for our community service project with VISAR (virgin Island Search And Rescue). We had GINORMOUS donuts Fromm the vampire baker, they were delicious, and they chose the 5 tallest people (me being 6’2″ naturally I was chosen first) to paint. I put on a crazy hot paper overall suit and painted for the majority of the morning. After that I was involved in two demonstrations, one of which I strapped my friend David to a board and the other I made out with a mannequin for CPR. After that I got souvenirs for mi familia, and then headed out for lunch at the beach. I took a nap, and it was glorious. After that I settled my debts at the commissary and relaxed in the lounge. We then headed off to mass where 20 guys sang tone deaf renditions of catholic hymns. Then up to the restaurant whee the food was delicious but more importantly we had an emotional banquet with our Instructors whom have done so much for us. If any of you guys are reading this right now, I can not stress the amount of thanks and gratitude I have for you. You guys have given me the opportunity of a lifetime and I don’t know what I can do to repay you. I love all of you and I will hope to keep in touch (because anybody who can deal with me AND feed me for an entire week, deserves to be lifelong friends.) thanks once again. And for the last and final time as the sun sets.
Colin Taylor is out.