Last Day BVI


Man today was different! No dives 🙁
It started like some of the others because we drove to the marina for breakfast. However, instead of eat at the boats, we walked all the way down the marina to the VISAR shed at the end. After eating, we split into teams to clean and paint for the search and rescue team. I was to clean the boat, so for the next hour or so, along with 5 other guys, we scrubbed the boat. After scrubbing, Connor washed the boat and we began scrubbing the inside of the boat shed and washing that as well. Once everything was finished, we headed back towards the dive BVI shop to pay off dues and get last minute souvenirs before getting on the taxi. We drove back to the hotel and went to the beach for lunch and snorkeling. After lunch, Alec, Hector, Paul, Hayden and I went snorkeling where we found a sea egg and a cave. Paul went back to get his camera and I went back out with him. This time, along with schools of blue tang, paul and I saw a brown and white barracuda that was apparently protecting itself. After this we went back to the cabin to shower then pay our dues at the commissary. We left for church at 5. The church was on a hill with a beautiful view of both sides of the islands. After church we drove to the restaurant and, on the way, the driver showed us the ruins of the old mine shaft. The ruins were on the backside of the hill overlooking the ocean. We ate at Mineshaft and thanked everyone for everything they have done for us this week with a great speech from Gabe. Tina even showed up at the restaurant so we thanked her too. We took pictures in our dive groups then headed back to the hotel.