Cayman Islands – 7/26


Today I woke up sad that it was my last day because it was my last opportunity to dive in a long time. After getting to breakfast we had to take a van to another dock where the boats were moored because it was too choppy for the boats to be at the dock at the resort. We went on two relatively shallow dives, one with tunnels and one with sand areas and hills of coral. On the tunnel dive we saw a large green turtle and I saw a small arrowhead crab which are very alien looking and I advise you too google it. At the end of the second dive there were some see through jellyfish without tentacles floating under the boat about 2 inches in diameter. On the second dive there was a large chain running through the reef because before there were regulations a ship dropped anchor and when the wind blew it tore up the reef and tangled the chain on the rocks. After 35 years of the coral growing back it looks really cool because of the chain going between and through the terrain. On that dive there was a big mushroom looking type rock/coral fixture in a sand plain, this was cool, not only because of how it looked, but also because the small royal gamma, a yellow and purple fish, swam upside down because they thought the under side of the mushroom was the ground. There was also a lawn chair blown out in a storm and under it was two large Diodons, a type of big pufferfish with the ones we saw being at least a foot long. After returning from the dive and eating lunch I packed and took a nap. After dinner we had a prayer service with a cool video at the end, with Mr. Marr to thank for the footage, that was very nostalgic. I am ready to return home tomorrow but I am not looking forward to the long journey.