Final day


Our final day of diving began differently as we had to take a short bus ride to the boat because of the high swells present at the dock at the resort. Once we boarded the boat we went to our first dive site which consisted of several top open tunnels. Early on in the dive we saw a very large green turtle, which have two plates at the front of their face. The turtle appeared to be missing its back left fin and a portion of its top shell in that area. I’m curious if a large shark took a bite of the turtle or if it lost its fin some other way. I was amazed at all of the tunnels in the coral and am curious why those form. I suspect it has something to do with currents in the water but I’m not sure.

On our second dive, I saw the most human impact that I have this week. It was called chain reef because there was a very large metal chain wrapped around and embedded in the reef. Although the chain has been there for decades, it was still visible and representing the impact that humans have had on the Ocean. On one part of the reef there is a mushroom shaped section. The smaller fish swim upside down when they are under the overhang because they get confused which was is down. While it is very cool to look at and quite funny, I am curious if this makes them at a higher risk of predator attacks because the smaller are disoriented and would not be able to swim away as easily. We also saw two lawn chairs that were on the sandy floor. Although it was fun to take a picture on it, those chairs will most likely stay there for decades or centuries.

This week being my first time diving, I have really grown to appreciate the ocean and what a unique and special place it is. The Ocean is full of so much beautiful life that God instructs us to care for in the same way he calls Adam to care for the garden of Eden in Genesis 2:15. The earth and its resources were given to us but with that is the responsibility to cultivate and nurture it. It is our responsibility to reduce and reverse our impact on the oceans and the earth before it goes beyond the point of being irreparable.