Blog Post Day 7


Today was the last two dives of the trip. On the first dive I was having trouble equalizing which was actually kind of a blessing because while I was trying to equalize a huge green sea turtle swam right under me. This turtle was missing a fin but was still able to swim faster than me, something I thought to be incredible. I was able to tell this turtle was green because of the plates on the head of the turtle. Green turtles only have two plates where as other turtles have four. Green turtles are interesting because as they age they become vegetarian. When they are young they will eat anything but adult turtles only eat algae, seaweeds and seagrass. I also saw huge schools of creole wrasse. On the second dive I was able to equalize and I felt really calm so I used little air. I saw so many fish on the second dive. I saw tons of fairy basslet, these fish are small and when they swim under a rock that has a ledge the swim upside down because they think the bottom of the ledge is the top of the reef. I had never seen that in any of my previous dives so I was really fascinated by it. Fairy basslets live in colonies and are know to defend these colonies against other fish even other fairy bassets. The male bassets are larger than the women bassets, the men bassets also protect the eggs. I also saw two porcupine fish, I love these fish because their eyes are so big and they look so funny. Next on the dive I saw a sleeping yellow stingray, this stingray is distinguishable from the southern stingray because yellow stingrays are smaller and round. They also have a yellow tent and have dots on them. The last fish I saw was a lionfish. This lionfish was huge and was hiding away inside a rock. Lionfish are so pretty but they are horrible for the environment of the Caribbean. I am sad to leave this beautiful place tomorrow, I have had a great time here seeing all the fish and hanging out with the people on the trip. Anyways goodbye Caymans.