Day 7


It’s was hard to believe it was the last day of the trip. It’s cliche to say it was bittersweet but I was sad for it to be are last day here while also glad to be able to go home. Our first dive was at a cite called Trinity caves, Both are dives where pretty shallow only reaching a maximum of around 60 feet. Trinity caves was similar to Big and Little tunnels as it had many crevasse’s and swim throughs to navigate through, I didn’t spot much at first as I was to focused on not hitting anything navigating through the narrow tunnels but on our way back to the ship I noticed a very large urchin under some corral, there were also large schools of horse eye jack swimming at about 30 feet below the boat similar to how the yellow snapper did earlier in the trip probably waiting for food to fall from the boat. On our second dive the terrain was like a plain of sand with small hills of coral here and there, the main attractions of the reef where a large chain that ran though out the reef from a yacht and a beach chair that had managed to sink to the bottom of the reef, hiding under the beach chair were to very large pufferfish which are always fun to see. Our dive master pointed out a mushroom shaped coral head. The very interesting part about it is on the underside of the coral head the smaller fish would swim upside down, somehow believing it was the top which was really cool to see. A common fish on that outcrop was royal gamma basslet which are a bright purple which fades into a golden yellow at their tail. On our way back to the boat I saw a very large hog fish, there named this because of the way in which they feed digging there “snout” into the sand to dig up worms and such similar to hogs. The last two dives of the trip where peaceful and relaxing, the trip ended on a good note and our dive masters Lee and Lucy where great and I really appreciate them, we ended the day with a nice prayer service where we discussed the overall trip and what impacted us the most and overall it was a good way to end the trip. This trip has been one of the best and most fun experiences I’ve ever had and I was very fortunate to go on it.