Last Day (07/26/19)


Last dives. For our last day in the Grand Cayman we dove in the Trinity Caves and the Chain Reef. The Trinity Caves consisted of a large, narrow canyons that formed a large U that we dove through. As we descended and began to enter the canyon, a huge Green Sea Turtle crossed our field of vision. Unfortunately this Green Sea Turtle was missing a limb. Most likely, the cause of this incident could have been a boat or fishing line. As we continued, there were multiple conch shells in the sandbar and many Snapper lurking throughout the reef. Our final dive in the Grand Cayman was, in my opinion, the best. I was calm and having so much fun to soak up the moment. I saw an insane amount French Grunt, about 50 of them. The sad part of this dive was the amount of garbage. This dive spot is called the Chain Reef because all of the deserted chain from anchors. Similarly, there were two lawn chairs in the sandbar during this dive. Matthew Gonzalez found a healthy amount of lobster hiding out in a den on this dive and I found a trunkfish. After dinner we had our prayer service at 7:30 about Caring for God’s Creation. We reflected upon the Turtle Center, Stingray City, the documentary Mission Blue, and diving. My roommate, Alex, and I reflected on diving and the opportunity we have to make a change for the betterment of the sea. We had reflection questions such as How did you feel on your first dive? What have you seen that makes you appreciate God’s creation? In what ways can we use our knowledge for the betterment of the ocean? I attempted to motivate and aid the others in taking initiative. This trip and class was such a wonderful experience and opportunity that I am so blessed to be able to participate in. I have grown so much and increased my knowledge about so many things. I have been able to bond with teachers and students who I haven’t had the opportunity to learn from before. Overall, this trip was definitely 10/10.