Day 7


At last we have reached the final day of this amazing adventure. The two dives today were pretty simple, not too deep and both he nice reefs. Despite these dives draining my last bits of energy, they were ultimately worth it because we finally got to see a sea turtle in the wild. He was small and alone, but swam effortlessly, feeding along the reef. It was honestly one of my favorite things to see. The rest of the day was complete relaxation. I filled my time laying around, confident that I had made the most out of my week. I really enjoyed our little prayer service and I would say it was my favorite Jesuit service I have ever been a part of. I really appreciated its simplicity and relatable nature, as I felt I could connect with everything being said. I appreciate that we are able to produce meaningful moments as a community. This week has truly been fantastic and probably my favorite trip I’ve ever been on. Spending time with some of my closest friend and making new ones made this past week so enjoyable. I would like to thank all the hospitable people of Cobalt Coast for their wonderful service. I’d like to thank Curtis, Bernie, and Lucy for their amazing guidance underwater and for making my diving experience nice one to remember. Thank you Dr. Gruninger, Ms.Mathews, Mr. Marr, and Dr. Kirby for making this trip possible and looking out for us throughout the week. Finally I would like to thank my parents for supporting my desire to take this trip and learn so much.