Day 1 – Pier


After many hours of traveling, we arrived at the hotel Cobalt Coast Resort, located on the Northwestern region of the Grand Cayman Islands. This resort consisted of many welcoming workers which made my day a whole lot better due to the traveling. A few hours into getting to know the place, my partner, Blake, and myself decided to snorkel and explore the ocean. The first thing I noticed was that the ocean floor was about 10 feet under me, which is shallow compared to previous snorkeling sessions I have done. The Banded Butterflyfish was the first fish that my partner and I saw, which was exhilarating. I could depict this fish to easily due to their distinct black and white stripes on their body. Then, a few seconds later, a medium sized blue fish caught the corner of my eye. This fish swam away very quickly, but my partner and I believe it to be a Blue Tang. The last fish that I came across was a yellow fish, which was the French Grunt. There were several of them and easy to tell due to their yellow body and fin. All these fish were extremely fun to look at, and I will be looking forward to exploring more of the fish that live near the Cayman Islands.