Day 1 in the Grand Caymans (7/13/19)


Today was our first day in the Grand Caymans. After a fun time at the airport and in the air, we arrived to our destination: Cobalt Coast Resort.

5/6 of the Marine Bio 2 Team chilling at the airport. From left to right: Sam, Luke, Jake, Brandon, and Me

Once we got settled into our rooms, we had the opportunity to go snorkeling off the coast of the resort. While I was snorkeling, I was able to identify various fish we studied in class, including the blue-headed wrasse (terminal), blue tang, and spot-fin butterfly fish. It was interesting to see the fish interact in their environment and look at their behavior towards each other.

It was very cool to see them in the sea. I liked to hold my breath and dive down so I could get a better look at them, and it was a great experience. I was close enough to look at them, but far enough away to not disrupt their movements.

After our time in the sea we relaxed and had a great dinner. Here are some photos I took while we were relaxing:

The view from the patio.
The full Marine Bio 2 Gang. Top Row from left to right: Jake, Nash, Luke, Me. Bottom Row from left to right: Sam and Brandon.