6th Day In Hawai’i: The Summit


We started off the day with a service project which our efforts resulted in us on the front page of the local newspaper. We dug sand out of an old pond which was destroyed by a tsunami. We dug the sand out a pool which would be fresh and salt water and also the home to endemic shrimp. With all of the sand moved, there was a sand castle contest and a beach cleanup. Our group decided to take a break from building sandcastles and go swimming and then finish our sand castle fats to swim again. After losing the sand castle competition with our triangle mound, we headed back to the houses for lunch and then start our Mauna Kea summit. This tour took most of our day as it started around 2 o clock and ended around 11 o clock at night. During our trip, we rose to around 14,000 feet in total which gave me a head ache but he high quality experience quickly made me forget. From an insane sunset to seeing Saturn and it’s rings, the summit was amazing. Also, we were above the clouds so there was a clear view of the unforgettable sunset.