The Big Island Experience: Day 6


On day six of our trip, we participated in a large beach clean up to help give back to the local community. At the service site, we began by having a contest to see who could pick up the most trash. During this portion, I had the ability to learn about the different types of trash (marine debris versus left behind waste) and how each affects the coast lines. After the beach clean up, we continued with our conservation efforts by cleaning sand out of a freshwater pool located just behind the beach. Do to a tsunami in 2011, sand was thrown into the pool, harming the small shrimp and fish living there. Our goal in this effort was to help repair this marine environment while also having some fun by building sandcastles with the removed sand.

After the service project, the Pyrosome group, which I am apart of, traveled to the other side of the island to hike Pololu Valley. On our way to the hike, I learned about how different the other side of the island is due to increased rainfall. The land near the valley is much more fertile and includes thick vegetation. On the hike itself, we explored trails near the ocean, swing in rope swings, and even saw where the United States practiced beach landing during World War 2.

After the hike, we visited a local pineapple stand where we enjoyed the differing tastes of white and golden pineapple.

Tomorrow, I am most looking to enjoying mass with my brothers and further exploring the island.