Hawaii Day 6


Today we did the beach cleanup and the drive up to Mauna Kea. During the beach cleanup we picked up harmful plastics, metals, and trash like cigarettes that littered the beach. This was very special however because while doing this we got to see the second monk seal of the trip. Monk seals are the most endangered species in the world and only 5 surround all the Hawaiian islands. We were extremely lucky and were able to see 2 in the span of 2 days. We also contributed to the 40,000 pounds of trash picked up on Hawaii’s beaches. Then we moved sand from the fish pond back down to the beach and made a sound castle competition out of it.

During Mauna Kea the drive up was very special due to the cultural, educational, and historical significance of the mountain. We learned about the 13 telescopes from different countries all up at the top of the mountain and how the are affecting our knowledge of the universe. They are also trying to build a 30 meter telescope which will be the biggest telescope in the world. This will be able to see light so far in the past that they could see the beginning of time. The scope would be capable of seeing about 13.8 billion years ago. Then we learned about the highest part of the mountain being a sacred place were we as travelers aren’t aloud to go. It is considered the realm of Gods to the Hawaiian people.