Day Six


I woke up and skipped breakfast and had a whataburger sandwich which I have been saving. We soon left after that to a very rocky beach. My first specific topic is the beach which was called Ka elehuluhulu. The beach used to be a massive fish pond until a tsunami covered up most of the pond. The beach is a very good snorkel spot as the water stays shallow and has coral along with all sorts of creatures. At the beach we picked up trash, saw another monk seal, built sand castles, and snorkeled. My second specific topic is about why we picked up trash and why we built sandcastles. We were volunteering as we did both activities, the trash pickup is obviously volunteer but what made the sandcastle was sand the beach authorities wanted us to move. We made a small difference but as more people follow in our footsteps it’ll become a big difference. The only downfall of the beach is just about every step sort of hurt. After the beach we went to relax at the houses for a while. After relaxing we got into a shuttle and began our journey up Mauna Kea. My last specific topic is the travel to the top of the mountain. We drove to an abandoned area with a tent and ate dinner. After dinner we received our coats, which I didn’t wear since I had my own. Wearing my jacket was my favourite part. At the top we watched the sunset, as the sun went down the temperatures of colder. It honestly felt like winter and I loved it. After watching sunset we went down 1000 feet to set up base camp and look at the stars. We got to see the North Star, two star clusters, mars, and Saturn. I’m also able to identify the North Star. One of my mates wasn’t feeling too well so we headed back to the houses a bit early. Once we got back I knocked out immediately.