Day 5 in Hawaii


Today we were allowed to sleep in later due to the late night last night. We had a very good breakfast which consisted of an egg casserole. Our first stop along the trip was at NELHA for a more in depth tour, then we went to a fish farm. Two, actually. The first one was the main fish farm on Hawaii, Kampachi Farms, which raised thousands of fish for aquaculture. While there, I learned about all the vigorous activities that go into raising sea life. For instance, the food they eat should comprise mainly of non-fish products, so their keepers have to make a ton of protein and yeast based diets for the fish. Our second fish farm was at an abalone fish farm. I never really thought about abalone before, but they can sustain a larger population due to their nutritious nature. Similar to the main fish farm, the abalone fish farm requires tons of algae to be grown for the abalone to eat. All in all, it was neat.

After the fish farms and after the groups split up, we went on a submarine! It was cool, and we had a very good view of the reefs at 111 ft deep. While we were down there, the guide kept pointing out chairs, cinderblocks, or even tires that had one been on the mainland. I learned there that not all human impacts are negative because reefs will grow on these objects, forming artificial reefs. So I learned that even if it might seem harmful, marine life can still grow on it and help the ecosystem.

The submarine we explored the depths in.
This was the view of the starboard side as we explored the reef.

After the submarine tour, we traveled to lava lubes that had been filled with freshwater. The cool part is that the tubes were around 15 yards to the sea, yet the water was clear and fresh, and not salty like the sea water. I learned that once the tubes were expelled of lava, they left large, hollowed out caves/tubes in the ground. Rain and water dripping from condensation from the plants around the entrances caused it to fill with freshwater, making it a fun site to hang out at or explore. I should also mention that the water was freezing; however, it was still enjoyable. After our extravaganza at the tubes, we headed down farther to swim in the ocean and relax. We swam out and saw interesting fish. Once we were done there we headed back home to relax and hangout.

Braxton (right) and I (left) chilling at the shore.

I’m looking forward to the service tomorrow. I haven’t done service in a while, and it will be good for me to get back into it. I’m also excited for the Maunakea Hike because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.