Day 4: Captain Zodiac & Manta Dive


On the Captain Zodiac trip we saw several cetaceans, pilot whales and Hawaiian spinner dolphins. The group of pilot whales included a couple bull whales and four calfs. We saw them in the Pelagic zone because they are deep sea creatures. The spinner dolphins we saw in shallower water because they were in a resting period, waiting for nightfall so they could go to deeper water to feed. The shallower water allowed them to rest in the same way we sleep at night.

On the zodiac trip we learned about Captain Cook’s landing on Hawaii. When he first arrived the Hawaiians thought Captain Cook and his crew were gods because they had never seen a pale person. They gave the crew anything they wanted. This stopped when a member of Cook’s crew died and the Hawaiians realized they weren’t gods. They instead traded with the crew while the Captain was away. They traded nails for companionship; the sailors were lonely at sea and the nails could be converted into the strongest fishhook the islanders had ever seen. When Captain Cook tried to leave, he couldn’t because his boat didn’t have enough nails. In order to gain some power in the islands he tried to kidnap the local chief. That didn’t go as planned and the locals beat them all to death.

On the manta dive we learned about how each manta has a unique spotting on its belly. On the dive, there were lights set up in the middle of the circle we were all sitting in, which attracted plankton. The mantas would go and eat the plankton while diving and swooping all around, like some kind of dance. When I was at the bottom, a manta swooped in front of my face and I was able to see it’s pattern.

I am looking forward to the black water dive because it seems like an extraordinary experience. I am also looking forward to the hike in the valley because I like going for hikes and I want to see the Hawaiian forests more.