Day 2


The first thing we did today was visit the NELHA research facility. Here we learned Hualālai their efforts to create energy by using cold deep sea water and warm surface water, and using them in a closed OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion) which evaporates ammonia so that it can be ran through a turbine which creates electricity, then it is condensed back into liquid so that it can be reused in the system. This project is one of many green energy projects that are working to make the island Hawaii completely sustainable on green energy. The next thing we were shown was the West Hawaii Explorations Academy a middle/high school that conducts hands on research with programs ranging from marine life to robotics. The school motto of never leave a child indoors means that they have an almost all outdoor campus which is home to two white tip reef sharks and much more aquatic life. This school is training the next generation of conservationists and scientists making it a really cool and important place. Another place we went to was an old lava flow from the 1801 eruption of Hualālai volcano we visited a tunnel that formed as the lava flow ended leaving an incredible rock formation for my classmates and I to climb around. Lastly my favorite activity was the valley hike that although the trip up was a bit difficult it was completely worth it for the incredible views and breathtaking scenery we were able to see. Once we got down to the bottom of the valley we were able to explore and mess around on some rope swings. We saw one type of wildlife, a bull who when we got within 100 yards of became a bit aggressive making us run away as fast as possible. The memories created at this place with my brothers will stay with me till the day I die.