Day 1 Blog


Looking forward to the trip in Hawai‘i, I cant wait to embark on new dive adventures especially the night dives. I have been diving before, in fact I went on the trip last year to Virgin Gorda where my favorite dive was the Kodiak Queen. On the wreck dive we went to 60 feet and ventured our way through the shipwreck. This year, I am looking forward to the night dives because the only dives I have done were during the day. I have heard the aquatic life is insane and more diverse, and I can’t wait. I’m hoping to see some big squid or maybe a big tiger shark. In addition we get to learn a lot about the aquatic life through the dive briefings, especially in the black water dive. Although I am looking forward to the black water dive, I am actually kind of rethinking it and am a little scared due to the imminent threats of losing perception of up and down. I say this now but I’m sure at the time of the dive I’ll most definently be ready to embark on a new adventure. In addition to the new dive sights, I am looking forward to the summit hike where we climb up several thousand feet over a couple hours to the top of the mountain. At the peak there are observatories and different labs we will get to look at and see what they do. It shifts from a warm humid eighty five degrees to a chilled twenty eight at the top of the summit.