Day 6


My last day here in the British Virgin Islands started off with breakfast served by the chaperones. After the usual breakfast, I was ready to go to the local high school to help make it look prettier. When we got to the high school, which was just down the road from where we were staying, we split up into four or five different groups to work on different things. I started working by the fence, digging a long thin hole for a pipe to be placed there. About five minutes in I was already dripping sweat. After about thirty minutes of digging, me and two others hit a rock that literally took us ten minutes to get out. When we got it out it was time to switch stations so me and my group headed upstairs to shovel soil into an extremely long and deep pot. Surprisingly it only took us about thirty minutes to shovel it all in and plant the plants as well as get rid of the excess. When we finished the service project we headed over to the restaurant near Dive BVI for a great lunch. After lunch we went back to our rooms and prepared for our research project presentations. My group and I were the first to present and it went very smoothly. When we all finished presenting, we went to an awesome final dinner at a restaurant with an ocean side view. We finished the dinner with a cool video presented to us by the Dive BVI staff with a bunch of pictures from the trip. This trip has been an awesome experience that I will be excited to share with my family.