Blog Post Day 6


Sadly, today was our last full day in the BVI. Of course we started the day with our traditional breakfast, but then we switched it up and participated in a service project throughout the morning. The service project was located at the one school on Virgin Gorda, but we were specifically working on the high school. For the project we focused on improving the appearance of the school. By improving the appearance of the school it creates a better learning environment for the kids during the school day. This improvement included making planter boxes to put flowers, pulling up weeds around the school, and painting. We were told that the school struggles with people breaking in and vandalizing it, so we also helped to begin to put up a fence around the buildings. It was a good feeling to know that we had a positive impact on locals living on the island because they had been so great to us. Working at this school made me so thankful for how amazing Jesuit is, and how great it is that the never have to worry about things such as vandalism. After working on the school we had lunch and then had around an hour to do some final preparations for our group project. My group had finished all of our slides, so all we did was prep for our speaking portions. Our project went extremely well and hopefully we got an A. After our presentations I then started to pack and get ready for the nice dinner we were going to have that night. For the nice dinner we went to an amazing restaurant that was located right on the beach. We were able to see the beautiful sunset that night, and it perfectly summed up our whole trip. Overall, this was amazing trip that I am so glad I went on.