Day 6


Today we ate breakfast at the chaperone’s house (hibiscus tree). Food rations were spare due to the food available being the compilation of all the unwanted or uneaten food in the previous days. This meant I got to eat some new cereals that I did not care for.
Now dressed in clothes we were not afraid to get dirty, we walked the quarter mile stretch to the Virgin Gorda high school/junior high to do some volunteer work. Right off the bat I noticed how hot and humid it was and at that moment I knew we were in for a rough day. Once at the school we met with Kim who helps run a local service group. She gave us a tour and informed us on our mission to beautify the school. My first job was carrying rocks to help make a flower bed barrier. After around 45 minutes I switched to digging an irrigation ditch that needed to be 7 inches deep and went for a length of 35 yards. My tool was a pick axe so besides the heat, the digging was not too hard until we came across what we thought was a small rock. After digging around it and picking at it for 15 minutes, three of us were finally able to get it out of the way. What we discovered was a beach ball size ball of concrete that was nearly impossible to get out but we did it. Pretty soon we were done with our service and the school looked better than ever! It was very rewarding to see the progress that was made just with our teamwork.
We went to lunch at a local restaurant and I had a delicious chicken Caesar wrap with fries. We then went shopping where I bought myself a t shirt and a hat. Later, when I was feeling hungry I got some Neapolitan ice cream from the ice cream shop nearby. 
I then returned to Guavaberry and showered up after a day’s hard work. Before we knew it our time to present had arrived and I think we did really well. After presentations we went to dinner at a nice restaurant and said our goodbyes to the dive staff as well as filling out dive logs and giving them parting gifts.